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Credit Hamza Aden

We want to know what matters to young people today. We've all got an issue, a belief, an idea that drives us forward, something that really matters. Raise Your Voice! is Maine Public's online platform for ideas and perspectives from students across the state. We reach a broad audience interested in education, supporting young people, and especially, in hearing what today's youth have to say.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Stonewall. It marks fifty years of fighting the same way Martha P. Johnson, the black transgender woman who started the rebellion in the Stonewall Inn. The same woman who went missing without a trace, for whom the police did nothing because of her black trans status.

The insects that are now endangered contribute to one third of the food we eat; they are responsible for pollinating our fields, orchards, and gardens. Bees have recently become endangered and we are the ones killing them off. 

They tell you all the time that college is the only option.

They tell you you will only will be successful if you go to college. 

Schools nowadays are having more issues with students coming to school high, or having marijuana or vapes on them or in their vehicle while on school grounds. 

In one year, 1.15 to 2.41 million tons of plastic goes into the ocean from rivers around the world. That number is crazy; all of this plastic makes a small island of just plastic. This plastic that's in the ocean gets eaten by animals or they get stuck in it. Either way, it kills them. 

Proficiency-Based Learning Needs to Get Smart

May 16, 2019

When it comes to their individual education, a student should be able to direct it, so that they can do what best benefits them; this concept is not particularly new, but it certainly is not old. 

Coming Out Offers a Lesson in Supporting, Respecting Youth

Mar 4, 2019

Ever since the age of three, I have lived in Gorham, a small, rustic college town with a population of about seventeen-thousand. To most people, Gorham is a dainty, dreamy, idyllic suburbia. It’s vintage. It’s beautiful.

Photo Essay: Up All Night

Feb 16, 2019

Sometimes you find yourself in the library at 2 a.m. You’re hungry, tired, and still haven’t finished your math homework. There’s no motivation left to do anything but you know you still need to complete this homework if you want to preserve that GPA. 

Artist or Predator? It's Time to Look Beyond the Music

Feb 16, 2019

It goes without saying that nobody is perfect. 

People make mistakes, ranging in their severity. Artists are no exception to this. Recently, recording artists R. Kelly and Drake’s history of sexual misconduct have been unearthed. The media has even brought attention to these issues; a docuseries entitled “Surviving R. Kelly” was released by Lifetime, describing Kelly’s sexually abusive actions towards both minors and adults, and a video of Drake kissing and making inappropriate remarks towards a 17-year-old on stage when he was 23 is circulating the internet. 

Women's March Is Missing the Mark on Inclusivity

Jan 12, 2019

The Women’s March, in theory, should be a great way to bind together women of all backgrounds and enable opportunities for change. 

Founded and run by individuals angered by the state of the world and the state of our country, the marches attempt to form connections and excite people to the point of making change. It seems that these goals have been lost in the past two years, as marches are created and held, people seem to be worked up about issues important to them, and then…nothing happens.

Neighborhoods Lose When Short-Term Rentals Take Over

Jan 3, 2019

When I was growing up, my mom told me stories about borrowing eggs and sugar from our neighbor Marnie to then end up chatting the day away over tea. Neighborly exchanges like that used to be commonplace. However, as time goes on, those moments of comfort and communication are no longer a reality in some neighborhoods across the country. 

It is no surprise that my generation is generally very pessimistic about the state of the world, and disappointed by the people who made decisions before us. 

In America, sex in general is an extremely taboo topic. This makes rape an even more controversial subject. It is common knowledge that rape is a problem in our society, however, there are a lot more aspects to consider other than just morals. 

Maine Students Add to National Conversation on Democracy

Nov 9, 2018

What do young people think about voting? What issues would get them active in the decisions that determine the future of our country?

These are the kind of questions that politicians, strategists, and all kinds of people with an interest in democracy wrestle with all the time. And just before the Nov. 6 elections, PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs challenged its more than 100 participating schools to report on those perspectives and share the thoughts of young people from across the country.

We Need to Change the Message to Solve Climate Change

Oct 24, 2018

As the debate over climate changes continues to unfold, progress to reach across the political divide has stagnated. Climate change has been stressed, fought over, and covered to such an extent that most people have begun to feel burnt out and hopeless. 

Luckily, the fight isn’t over yet. A Yale study shows that over 50 percent of Americans believe climate change is happening. In Maine specifically, over 65 percent believe it’s real.