Connect Your Business With Our Audience

Why Underwrite with Maine Public?

Underwriting on Maine Public has the impact of a traditional media buy with the added benefit of supporting Maine's leading public media organization.

We provide:

REACH — We'll connect you with the entire state of Maine and extensive areas in Maritime Canada and Southern New Hampshire with our Radio and Television signals. And with, we'll connect you with the world.

CLUTTER-FREE ENVIRONMENT — Your message will be heard. Maine Public's listeners and viewers stay tuned when underwriting messages air – you'll never get lost in a long ad block because they don't exist at Maine Public!

LARGE, HIGHLY-DESIRABLE AUDIENCE — The Maine Public audience is active, engaged, educated, and affluent. These are the demographics that drive sales.

HALO EFFECT — The Maine Public audience is more likely to support you because you support Maine Public.

Let's get started! Contact Dyonisia Giatas, Maine Public's Interim Manager of Corporate Support, via e-mail or by calling 800-884-1717.

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