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Electricity substation in Bridgeport, CT. Commons

On a Mission for Transmission: Has New England Spent Too Much on Electricity Grid Infrastructure?

In the previous installment, we reported on recent reductions in the cost of electricity supply in New England. But there’s another charge in your electricity bill that’s been rising steadily over the last decade.
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PORTLAND, Maine (AP) _ More than 400 seniors are graduating from Bowdoin College.

    PORTLAND, Maine (AP) - A federal judge has given the Libertarian Party of Maine until July 12 to get enough signatures for its presidential and vice presidential candidates to appear on the November ballot. Judge John A. Woodcock Jr. said Friday the Libertarian Party is likely to win its argument that Maine's Dec. 1 deadline to certify parties is "unconstitutionally early."

SUNDERLAND, Vt. (AP) - Scientists across the United States have launched an ambitious survey to determine whether a deadly fungus is infecting salamanders.

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) - The family of a hiker who died after getting lost on the Appalachian Trail in Maine isn't going to second-guess searchers.

If you head to the beach this weekend, and you might come across a razor clam, a crab or two, and maybe even a seal pup. Now’s the time of year when seal moms have babies, and they leave their pups on the beach while searching for food. But sometimes, the moms don’t come back. That’s when staff and volunteers from a new triage center in Harpswell come to the rescue.

The calls about abandoned pups start in April, as a trickle. But come Memorial Day weekend, says Lynda Doughty, the executive director of Marine Mammals of Maine, her triage facility l will kick into high gear.

Container shipments are up more than 1,300 percent since 2011 at the Port of Portland, according to the Maine International Trade Center.

More than 105,000 metric tons of goods moved through the port in 2015.

John Henshaw, executive director of the Maine Port Authority, says the huge growth in shipping has been made possible by some big changes over the last few years that make the port more functional for more kinds of shipping.

AUGUSTA, Maine — Maine officials say a survey of more than 2,000 businesses in the state shows that a third of them have at least one job opening.

The state Department of Labor’s Center for Workforce Research and Information posted the results of the 2015 survey earlier this week. It was sent to 3,400 Maine businesses, 2,100 of which responded.

Officials say 700 of the 2,100 businesses that responded indicated that they have at least one job available.

The data reflects vacancies from the fall of 2015.

PORTLAND, Maine — A University of Maine-led offshore wind power pilot project has officially been selected to join a federal government demonstration program.

The Aqua Ventus was originally passed over for a $47 million grant, but the Department of Energy awarded some funding because the project showed promise.

Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King said Friday that the project is now elevated to top status in the competition and will be one of up to three leading projects that are each eligible for up to $40 million in additional funding for the construction phase.

PORTLAND, Maine — A company executive says an online home furnishings retailer is on track to hire 1,000 workers for its operations opening this summer in Maine.

Liz Graham, Wayfair’s vice president for sales and service, tells the Portland Press Herald that the company plans to open its sales and customer service operation in Brunswick next month and another operation in Bangor in July.



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