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Early Childhood Education

2 hours ago

Building evidence shows that early childhood education is vital to laying a strong foundation for the next generation. How is Maine providing for ECE? We'll discuss lack of funding and access to childcare, new approaches in early childhood education, and the increased role that educators have to play in today's society.

Guests:  Ed Cervone, executive director, Educate Maine 

Rita Furlow, Senior Policy Analyst, Maine Children's Alliance (from Augusta studio)

Kate Brockett, teacher, RSU 1 in Bath

PORTLAND, Maine - Baby lobsters might not be able to survive in the ocean's waters if the ocean continues to warm at the expected rate.

That is the key finding of a study performed by scientists in Maine, the state most closely associated with lobster in the U.S.

The scientists found that lobster larvae struggled to survive when they were reared in water 5 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the current temperatures typical of the western Gulf of Maine.

That's how much the United Nations' Intergovernmental Pan

The cremated remains of Pvt. Jewett Williams will be interred Saturday at the Hodgdon Cemetery, 151 years after he mustered out of the 20th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment and 94 years after his death.

It has been a long journey for the Civil War veteran, but his descendants in Aroostook County say they are glad to finally welcome him home.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine has joined with 35 other states in suing Indivior, the maker of Suboxone, a drug widely used to treat opiate addiction. The suit alleges that the company conspired to keep prices artificially high.

Maine Attorney General Janet Mills says the state has been hurt by the higher prices for the drug. “We’ve got a higher demand for treatment than ever before in the history of the state of Maine. And people are crying out for Vivitrol, Suboxone, methadone, whatever works for the individual patient.”

Community Health Centers

Sep 23, 2016

Community Health Centers across the state offer basic health care to people regardless of their income or insurance coverage. How are they able to provide these services, and can they continue to do so?

Guests:  Vanessa Santarelli, CEO of Maine Primary Care Association

Martin Sabol, HCH Coordinator, Nasson Health Care

Renee Fay-LeBlanc, Greater Portland Health Center

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine's highway system ranks as the fifth best in the nation, up from 18th five years ago.

That's according the Reason Foundation, which ranks states' systems annually. Maine native David Hartgen, a retired engineering professor at the University of North Carolina, authored the study.

"They moved up for several reasons," he says. "First of all, they have made progress with regard to several items; one is the percentage of deficient bridges. They are still above the national average, but it has come down quite a bit.”

The National Institute on Aging is awarding $25 million to the Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor and Indiana University to support a new effort to combat Alzheimer’s disease.

Jackson Laboratory Associate Professor Gareth Howell says the Alzheimer’s Disease Precision Models Center will aim to create new mouse models for testing of drugs to fight the disease. He says the funds will let them efficiently test, in mice, many potential genetic variants that have been identified in humans.

Mal Leary / Maine Public

PORTLAND, Maine - Several hundred friends, family members and politicians filled the Maine Irish Heritage Center in Portland Wednesday night for the dedication of former Maine Gov. Joseph Brennan’s archives.

Legalizing Marijuana

Sep 22, 2016

“Do you want to allow the possession and use of marijuana under state law by persons who are at least 21 years of age, and allow the cultivation, manufacture, distribution, testing, and sale of marijuana and marijuana products subject to state regulation, taxation and local ordinance?”

Both sides in the debate over Ballot Question 1 join us in our Lewiston studio for the first of 5 Ballot Question debates (to be taped for later showing on Maine Public Television).

Robert F. Bukaty / The Associated Press

PORTLAND, Maine - The United States and Canada have brokered a deal to share what's left of the dwindling North American cod fishing business in the Atlantic next year.

Both countries fish for cod, an important food fish that has declined in population following overfishing and warming ocean temperatures. The two fisheries overlap in the eastern reaches of Georges Bank, an important fishing area located off of New England.

BANGOR, Maine - The city of Bangor has rejected claims lodged by the operators of a methadone clinic who say drug-dependent Mainers were deprived of their rights when the City Council denied the agency's expansion request.

The Penobscot County Metro Treatment Center claims the City Council vote ignored the rights of drug addicts who are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The agency also charges that the council's denial in August of a request to expand from 300 to 500 patients treated the methadone clinic differently from other health care facilities.

Patty Wight / MPBN

Maine’s law enforcement community is largely unified in its opposition to Question 1 on the fall ballot, which creates a framework for legalizing the recreational use of marijuana.