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PORTLAND, Maine - The town manager in the Aroostook County community of Madawaska says he won't move forward with his proposal to drug test people who get state General Assistance money through the town.

The town's Board of Selectmen will take up the issue tonight. In a statement, Ryan Pelletier says he recommends not moving forward with a random drug testing policy at this time, because such a drug testing program for GA recipients would be "problematic, if not impossible, to enforce and administer." 

ORONO, Maine - The University of Maine is welcoming the largest incoming class in its history this fall.

The Orono university's new class will have 2,300 students. The fall semester for the class of 2020 starts on Monday.

The university says the incoming class is 56 percent Maine residents and the rest are from elsewhere. The school says the number of in-state students is comparable to last year, and the number of out-of-state students has been growing.

China Today

21 hours ago

Tune in for a rebroadcast of our earlier show:

Marketplace China correspondent Rob Schmitz discusses his new book “Street of Eternal Happiness: Big City Dreams Along a Shanghai Road.”  Joining Rob will be Bowdoin College Assistant Professor Christopher Heurlin and Connie Zhu, a Chinese language teacher, translator and radio host who grew up in Shanghai.

Guests:  Rob Schmitz, author of "Street of Eternal Happiness."  He's also China correspondent for MarketPlace; he will soon be the new Shanghai correspondent for NPR.

BELFAST, Maine (AP) _ Law enforcement officials in Waldo County are warning the public about a potentially potent supply of drugs in the area that is the suspected cause of two deaths. 

PORTLAND, Maine _ A Maine company has pleaded guilty to illegally importing Canadian sea urchins into the state. ISF Trading Company of Portland acknowledged in federal court that it violated the law when it imported 48,000 pounds  of the urchins, worth some $173,000 dollars. 

Republican U.S. Sen. Susan Collins of Maine is applauding a new rule being proposed by the U.S. Department of Transportation that would equip large vehicles, such as trucks and buses, with speed-limiting devices to cap the speed at which they can travel.

The Department’s proposal would require all newly manufactured vehicles with a gross weight of more than 26,000 pounds to come equipped with the speed-limiting devices.

Children's Books

Aug 26, 2016

Maine has long been fertile ground for children’s book authors – several nationally-recognized authors and illustrators live in Maine.  We'll hear from them about what it's like to write for a younger audience and what it takes to craft a successful book for the younger set.


Every year, Maine’s adult education programs enroll nearly 100,000 students, with an array of personal goals – from learning to read to finding a better job. But a new federal law is raising concerns within many of those programs about the new direction that adult education could be heading. Robbie Feinberg reports.

The University of Southern Maine is receiving half a million dollars to help nursing students — especially those who want to work with older people and stay in Maine — pay for their training.

The gift is from the Boyne Foundation. George Campbell, vice president for advancement at USM, says the scholarship program this gift is endowing will help people attend the school that might not be able to otherwise.

The National Transportation Safety Board announced Wednesday that their lab has retrieved 26 hours of information from the data recorder of the cargo ship the El Faro.

All 33 crew members died when the El Faro sank off the coast of the Bahamas last October, including four crew members from Maine.

Raising Backyard Chickens

Aug 25, 2016

Chances are, you or someone you know has some chickens in the backyard. Raising chickens has become a trend, whether you have a farmhouse or live right in the city. We'll learn about the ins and outs of raising backyard chickens.


Lisa Steele, chicken keeper in Dixmont and author of books on raising poultry and the website Fresh Eggs Daily

Donna Coffin, Extension Professor, University of Maine Cooperative Extension